Fun Folksy Felt Fringed Sun’s Eye

It’s true, I may be getting a little ahead of myself here – Litha, [aka Midsummer; aka the Summer Solstice] is still a month away but I am already crafting up seasonal decor to celebrate the sun. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite Sabbat, but Litha does hold a special place in my heart because it is only a couple of days after my birthday. I’m a child of the Summer through and through! I am probably the only person in the world whose ideal outdoor environment is 100 degree, 90% humidity; also known as an Alabama Summer. I can’t explain it – I just love it!

So to get ready for sun-shining summer fun days, I am filling the dinning room window with summer themed “God’s Eyes”. You know those things you made in camp as a kid with popsicle sticks and yarn? Yes those! Today I am going to take it a few steps further than your Girl Scout Leader, and show you how to craft a folksy style “Sun’s Eye” out of felt:

Fun Folksy Felt Frindged Sun’s Eye

Suns EyeMaterials

  • 2 Sheets craft felt in Sunny colors
  • Pinking sheers or decorative scissors of your choice
  • Needle & matching color thread
  • 2 Sticks
    IMG_0702 1My sticks are upcycled reeds from those scented oil diffuser sets you see these days. Sure they still smell a bit like pumpkin spice but who cares!

Step 1: Cut Strips

  • Cut up the long edge of one of your felt sheets with your pinking sheers as close to the edge as you can get to create the first fringed edge
  • Begin cutting strips, use the width of your pinking sheers as a guide, keeping the strips as thin as you can
  • Sadly I didn’t count how many strips I wound up using, but start off with 8 or so of each color, you can easily add more as needed.

Step 2: Sew All Your Strips Together

  • Using a really basic stay stitch, overlap each piece 3cm or less and place a couple stitches to secure
  • TIP: Keep the stitches centered and you won’t be able to see them in the eye
  • Alternate your colors 1 light then 1 dark
  • When you get near the end you will need to alternate colors by 2’s, so 2 light then 2 dark because as the eye gets larger it takes more material to make it around.
  • TIP: You can sew these on as you go ’round if you’d like so that you don’t have a really long tail when wrapping.

IMG_0704 1Step 3: Wrap the Eye

  • Place your sticks in an X shape
  • Tie the end of your first strip around the center of the X and tie a basic knot, it will probably make your X wonky but you can fix that as you wrap.
  • Pull the long tail around front, and use your fingers to hold the sticks in an X shape
  • To make the eye, you simply wrap OVER and AROUND one stick, then move and do the exact same thing to the next, and the next, etc
  • When you get to your desired size, do one last wrap around then poke the tail into the loop and pull to tighten [you may wind up with a little tail left, you can trim it but not too much or it will come out. This will be on the back of your eye]

Wrapping OVER:

IMG_0705 1Then bring it AROUND the back of that stick and pull it towards the next stick:

IMG_0708 1Poke your tail in at the end:

IMG_0709 1

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  • Use 8 strips of felt [4 of each color] to embellish the points and make the eye more Sun-ray-like
  • Tie 1 light and 1 dark together on each stick and tighten it up to the point to make the “Sun rays”
  • TIP: Use your pinking sheers to fringe up your ends of these strips so they are more finished looking and not straight

Tying “Sun rays”:

IMG_0710 1Clipping off the tips for a finished look:

IMG_0711 1I try to line it up so you get a couple of points on each end.

And there you have it! Super cute Sun’s Eye, all ready for Midsummer! Hang it in a sunny window so it can soak up some rays and use it to call upon Sun energy as needed 🙂


  • Instead of felt,  use fun printed cotton material cut into strips for an even more folk-art appearance.
  • Try making one with specialty yarns, there are some crazy yarns out there these days!
  • Make several of complementary colors and hang them together for a beautiful, colorful, Summer display!

PS: hooray for alliteration!


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