The best things in life are Free!

Hey hey hey, it’s Free Craft tutorial day! Where I take crap we have around the house and make something out of it! I assume you have basic crafting supplies [scissors, tape, paint/crayons, etc…] so if you do not, then it might not be totally free for you, but it will be cheapy-cheap I promise!

My absolute favorite, totally free, totally versatile, totally AWESOME crafting material ever is the cardboard box. Seriously, give a kid a big ole box and he’ll be entertained for days! When we get boxes, they go through many phases of play before they are finally thrown away, usually used down to pieces and covered in markers and paint lol.

Today I am going to show you the Wonder Boy’s newest freebie plaything:

Wall Mounted Toy Car Race Track


Cool, right?! And it’s so simple! This just kind of came about while Wonder Boy and I were playing flinging cars around a cardboard box we have been re-using since Valentine’s day. I’ve seen the wall mounted hot-wheels tracks in the toy shops before, so I decided we could totally craft one of those up for zero dollars. And I am all about zero dollar fun!

  • Cut cardboard strips about 4 inches wide [eyeball it… this is not science]
  • Fold the sides up about 1 inch all the way down the length of the strips to make guardrails so the cars don’t fly off the road
  • Use A LOT of masking tape [because it is less likely to pull off the paint on your walls later] to stick the strips to the wall in whatever design you want.
  • You will need to tape one of the guardrail side flaps to the wall, AND THEN go under the structure and fold strips of tape in half length-wise so that you can stick it to the wall & to the bottom of the road for stability. Don’t skip doing this because the weight of the cars will pull the fold flat after a lot of use if there is nothing under it for support.
  • Obviously make the whole design in a downward manner so that gravity will pull the cars
  • Paint it! I did ours like a road and painted the tape on the wall like greenery. Use crayons or markers if you don’t have paint. I had some stray masking tape at the top that I didn’t like the look of, so I colored those with markers to look like buildings and road railings. Let the creativity flow!

NOTES: I put a toy bin at the bottom because cars were flying all over the place. You could just make it all the way to the floor, oooooh! or you could even put a little track on the floor! I just ran out of room because Wonder Boy’s closet door is right there.

Other Uses & Ideas:

  • This would be fun for older kids to make or paint themselves.
  • If you have an open wall, you could make a really long one with various levels that would be super fun!
  • Imagine how cool this would be for a Cars birthday party! Decoration + Activity in one!

Hope you enjoy this Free Craft tutorial! Like, Share & Pin!



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