The Universe Blooms from the Bosom of Every Mother – My Pregnancy Belly Cast

So I had my son 2 and a half years ago now, but for some reason I have never posted pictures anywhere of the beautiful pregnant belly-cast that Superman and I made the night before my c-section. [Wonder Boy was breech with no intention of turning] It was such a fun and intimate experience, sitting up late together creating this lasting memory of my full mother Goddess rockin body!

After the cast was made, I stuck it in the top of a closet where it stayed for many months. As we started preparing for Wonder Boy’s wiccaning ritual, I knew the time had come to finish it. People do wiccanings at all different times in a child’s life, sometimes right after birth, a year old, or even older than that is common. We personally decided to do Wonder Boy’s at his 9 month old mark; the day that he had officially been on the outside for as long as he had been inside me. The belly-cast was going to be a focal point for the altar.

It was rather thin, maybe 3 layers thick of papier-mache, so the first thing I did was reinforce the inside of the cast. This gave it more thickness without changing the shape. I then wetted down the outside with a moist sponge and rubbed it until it was smoothed out. I let it dry, then sketched out my designs in pencil, then spent the next 3 days painting it all.

I knew I wanted to have tree branches hugging the form, that I wanted the main belly to be the Earth [a la Gaia], and to have the breasts be a moon and a sun. I wound up not getting all the continents correct on the Earth because I was so tired by the end and jsut trying to finish, but I still love how it came out. The moon and sun are both highly stylized and each side is accented with metalic silver or gold.



So here it is then! I hope you all enjoy the pictures and may it inspire you to artistically capture your pregnant self forever as well! I definitely am VERY glad I made this, and love looking back at it and remembering those days and those BOOBS! Dang!


About emairelhd

A pagan mom in the USA.
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